YasaminGostar company has been established  in 2002  by a private section in order to manufacturing waterproofing membranes and different kinds of polymer  in 2002 all operation processes of the factory  finalized and the product launched the same year officially . this unit benefits from domestic and international technical staff and have been established in an area of 8000 m2 with 4000 m2   building.
This manufacturing  unit is one of the biggest factories whit  total production capacity of 10000000 m2 waterproofing  the must  part of the production is applied in building foundation and road construction .
Based on different  climates in different places of iran  ،this company has various production applicable in each climate and we have many records and reference of our products using in warmest and coldest part of world

Address: YasaminGostar co. , Delijan , Markazi , Iran - Tel:+98 866 4443389 ,  Fax : +98 866 4443489  , Email : YasaminGostar@diic.ir 

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